NEO:Artists – Artist in Residence: Day 3

Day Three – 13th March, 2017:

So, I’ve had another interesting start to the day. Obviously had my typical breakfast. Eggs on toast but with a little twist, a bit of ham and cheese – with a side of coffee, as you do. Cycled down to the studios around 10:30am, weather was grey and raining. Typical Northern weather. Once in the studios I did a little research for where I might find some coloured Perspex for my installation piece. Once I’d found a couple of places I began to set off on the bike to go and gather the materials. I just wanted to drop into the Gallery to let Jason know what I was doing and meet some of the Bolton University Art Lecturers. Jason and the lecturers are putting on an exhibition over the coming few weeks (information on the exhibition at the bottom of the post). I only ended up getting roped in, didn’t I!! Not a problem though, I always like lending a hand. I ended up helping them bring in some of the work that had just been transported from Berlin, Germany. I met a handful of the kind, good vibe’d fellow artists; Peter Lewis, Dave Gledhill and Margret Cahil. All kind and happy souls! Peter’s ceramics are especially beautiful with amazing technical skills involved. Some really beautiful work that’s going to be displayed in the exhibition. But as you can imagine, it’s always scary transporting other artists work, so much could go wrong and if it does, it’s bloody expensive, eh!

Here’s a bit of the Gallery space and some of the images included in the Exhibition:

Anyways, after I had given a hand moving the work I went off to gather some Perspex. The first place I went to ended up not dealing with coloured Perspex because it was a fire hazard, so that was a shame. Now, the second place I went to I was greeted by Ron and Dave at ‘Adco Signs’ ( they have such a wonderful and interesting work shop, creating signage and using composites. I explained to them about my installation project and they were so generous and gave me some of their off cuts! Boom! They also gave me some clear coloured vinyl as the Perspex they gave me was clear. Yet again, another interaction of generosity. I’m amazed with the amount of local support that resides here in Bolton. It’s beautiful. I feel really welcomed and apart of the community. So, as you can see they gave me 4 different coloured vinyls; Pink, Yellow, Green and Blue (a nice range) and an odd shaped section of Perspex.  Thank you so much Ron and Dave! You are stars!


After that wonderful interaction, I headed back to the studios, carrying the vinyls in one hand and the perspex in the other, on the bike – yet again, many laughing faces from the other road users. Once I returned I had a quick brew with one of the Neo:Artists; Phil Davies ( he’s a really genuine, honest gentleman, who has lived a very interesting artist life. His work is predominantly figurative/illustrative with beautiful colours. Really nice work!

Here’s Phil in his natural habitat:


After the quick brew, I met Dave Winning, the artists that I share the space with ( Dave too is also a really genuine soul, excitable and enthusiastic with my work and what I am getting up to. He is also very knowledgeable having taught Art and was Head of Faculty in Moorside High school. His work mainly consists of abstracted textural and figurative compositions in foreboding, sinister tones. A great man to share the space with. Good times ahead I believe

Here’s a flick of Mr. Dave Winning:

After a long discussion with Dave about many things art related, I went down stairs into the sculpture room and began cutting out abstracted architectural shapes from the perspex, kindly given by Adco. It’s pretty bloody hard cutting out shapes on a saw bench, especially lots of different angles, but, I managed!! Many hours later, roughly 3, and a pretty deep cut to my let middle finger, I began applying the vinyl. This too is pretty difficult, especially with one person and even harder with a shi*ty left hand. Oh well. I accomplished it! I’ve been recording everything I have done so far and will be editing a video together once I have finished making the construction. I’ve just finished drilling holes into the newly coloured perspex so I’m heading home from the studio – it’s been a long day. Peace and Love.

Here are a couple flicks of the creation of the coloured perspex: First Image: Drawn shapes ready for cutting, Second Image: Cut Shapes, Third Image: Vinyl added.

Exhibition Information:

Everything Must GoAn exhibition of contemporary art produced in response to the Athlete’s Village constructed for the 1936 Berlin Olympics.


In September 2015, artists Wolf Bertram Becker, Margaret Cahill, David Gledhill and Peter Lewis were invited to visit the site of the 1936 Berlin Olympic Village by its current owner DKB Stiftung für Gesellschaftliches Engagement Berlin, and Palis Advisory GmbH  Berlin, who initiated and organised the project.


The first exhibition of the resulting work took place in Berlin at DKB Deutsche Kreditbank’s headquarters during July and August 2016 and was transferred to the Gymnasium at the Village itself for Germany’s ‘Day of the Open Monument’ in September 2016.


This expanded UK edition of the Project features painting, printmaking, collage, video and 3D pieces and includes previously unseen and specially produced new work


18th March – 30th April 2017
Open Thursday to Sunday 11am – 5pm

The Market Place
Bolton BL1 2AN
United Kingdom