Neo:Artists – Artist in Residence: Days 40 through 54

Days 40 – 48, 20th April to 3rd May, 2017:

Hey Hey Hey!

So the past two weeks have been pretty productive, I went back to Bolton’s Archives and had a look at some of the architectural plans. They are incredibly beautiful, so intricate with details. It’s interesting to see how many plans go into creating a new building. Plans upon plans and mostly of the same bits! Fascinating. Sometimes I feel like I should have gone into Architecture – being all geometric and that! haha.

Just want to say a massive thank you to Matthew Watson for spending the time to give me a tour of the archives and giving me such great detail about the history of Bolton. Thank you!

Here are a couple of flicks from the visit to the Chadwick store:

This is the new architecture archive, donated to Bolton council by; Bradshaw, Gass and Hope – architecture firm.
It’s all so delicate and carefully packaged away, unlike the tough sturdy buildings that came from these drawings and plans!

Pretty exciting stuff!

Here a a couple of close ups from inside the red/burgundy sleeves you can see in the shelves:

I like being able to see all the intricate details that forms such large and impressive mega structures – creating more space on the planet. It was really fun experience and I’ve got a couple of idea’s lined up for the future! Thanks again to Matthew Watson for facilitating this experience! Thank you!

Moving on…

I have TWO Perspex sponsors!! Woohoooo – This means that I shall be making a larger sculpture, at least 3 x 3m (10 foot by 10 foot) So…, I’m super excited!!

‘Formed in 2001, Atlas Plastics have quickly grown into one of the leading plastic fabricators in the North West, supplying a diverse range of companies and end users nationwide.’ –

‘Perspex Distribution are the UKs leading supplier of thermoplastic sheets including Perspex® Cast Acrylic.  Perspex® Acrylic has been manufactured in Darwen, Lancashire since 1934 and continues to this day.  Perspex® Acrylic is used in many application from signage to interior design and glazing.  We are pleased to support Rowan’s project.’

Just want to say that I am over the moon by the generosity of both Atlas Plastics & Fabrication LTD and PERSPEX Distribution Ltd, especially Andy and Luke who have made this all possible!

Thank you so much!!

So, I’ve over at the University of Bolton. I’ve etched some new steel plates – the reason is that the University have an extractor fan so I am able to use Nitric Acid rather than saline sulphate. Nitric Acid works much faster than saline sulphate but gives off pretty bad toxic fumes. Anyways – I’ve made some new organic plates for some bigger ‘Architectural Nature’ prints using my recent plates, ‘BANK’ and ‘The Mill’. This is how they’ve turned out so far – I’ll add some close ups below! Should be good.

Whilst being at the University I was offered to help select the 2nd year BA students work for their upcoming exhibition over at the market place (big shopping centre rather than the typical kind of marketplace). This was really interesting and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Helping to select the work, you really have to get inside the mind of the artists, read about their work and see what they have given you and if it all fits together. It’s nice to have a discussion about who thinks which work represents the best ability from each student and how well the work corresponds with their written work. It was fun! Could I be a tutor?… Hmmm, something to think about.

Here you are able to see the architectural forms, confined to the organic shapes, similarly to our existence, confined to Earth.

Anyways, things are getting even more busy at the moment! I’ll hopefully be posting up a little more regularly!
Hope you’ve enjoyed todays post!

Lotsa love!
Ro x