NEO:Artists – Artist in Residence: Days 23 through 30

Days 23 – 30, 5th to 11th April, 2017:

Hey guys!
If you hadn’t noticed, I’ve decided not to post up as much. This is mainly because I have hardly any time to sit down a write out what I’ve been up to and the thoughts that I’ve had, there’s just not enough hours in the day, and I don’t like typing as much as I like doing. I’d much rather spend all my energy on the physical side of this residency. With that being said, I shall be writing up blog entries when I have good, suitable content to share! This will more than likely be every few days. That’s obvious… the last post was a week ago! I feel slightly naughty. Feels like skipping out on the veggies or something (not that I ever did!) but I think you get the drift.

So for pretty much the past week, I have been getting down with creating 3 A3 Aquatints, following on from the previous post. It’s been a blast, I’ve enjoyed working with different elements to the etching process and I’ve found some bits challenging. Saline Sulphate and aquatinting combined are pretty bloody tricky! For those of you who do not know, ‘Aquatint, a variety of etching, is widely used by printmakers to achieve a broad range of tonal values. The process is called aquatint because finished prints often resemble watercolour drawings or wash drawings. The technique consists of exposing a copperplate to acid through a layer of melted granulated resin. The acid bites away the plate only in the interstices between the resin grains, leaving an evenly pitted surface that yields broad areas of tone when the grains are removed and the plate is printed. An infinite number of tones can be achieved by exposing various parts of the plate to acid baths of different strengths for different periods of time. Tones can also be altered by scraping and burnishing. Etched or engraved lines are often used with aquatint to achieve a greater definition of form.’ – This piece of text has been copied from

Denis gave me a couple of tips and showed me through his sketchbook! It’s so interesting to see the way others work out how and what they need to do in order to achieve the level that they desire! Truly inspiring!

Anyways, here’s what I have been getting up to! Here’s the new process video:

And here’s the test print…

Hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post, catch you soon. Peace x