NEO:Artists – Artist in Residence: Day 2

Day Two – 12th March, 2017:

‘Ear wi arh then!’ haha. Had a banging day today, feel like I was able to achieve a pretty good amount of work considering my technical skills in carpentry. After a pretty late night, 3am – No, not drinking but actually working on my website trying to get a working email subscription set up, which I was able to do with a friends help (Big up yourself). So, to whom may be reading, if you haven’t subscribed, please do, I won’t spam your mail box!

So I woke up kinda late, around 9:30am, made myself typical eggs on toast to kick start the day with a little coffee on the side. The weather was sweeeeet, you know, nice and sunny, not raining like the typical northern weather, anyway don’t know why I’m writing this but I suppose I’m trying to paint you a picture. So, I cycled down to the studios around 10:30/11am and began sketching up a few ideas for the construction I was to make. Jason popped in around 11:30am had a little flick through some of my sketches and gave me that ‘ok, that’s pretty ambitious’ look, and gave me a cheesy grin. I knew I was setting myself a challenge but you gotta push yourself eh?! I’ll leave it until the image at the bottom for you to see what I ended up making – shall we say it’s a little less ambitious than a 20 sided multi-angled construction! Hahaha. Once I had decided on the construction I wanted to make, Jason inducted me in the sculpture room and made sure I was going to be safe using all the hardcore electric saws – yeah, they’re pretty hardcore, they’ll take your arm off in a second! Jheeees. It’s funny because even though I simplified my construction I told Jason ‘Don’t worry, I’ll have it made in an hour, then I’m going climbing” It never works out like that, does it?
Anyway, I’ve been recording myself. I want to show you guys what I get up to a little more visually. It’s all well and good reading it, but like me, I find it hard, boring and just looooooong to read something, I’d rather watch it. So, I’m creating a video and I’ll post it up once I have finished creating the first ‘test construction’. So, you’ll have to bare with reading for the mean time! Sorry! So, what I thought was going to take me 1 hour to make turned out to take me just under 4 hours. BUT, I feel like I made it well and I’m actually pretty proud of it! (See picture at the bottom if you can’t bare not knowing what I made, haha)

So, now it goes a little off topic shall we say, it’s not really art related from here on but there are a few thing’s to note from this afternoon’s activities. I left the studio at about 3pm and went over to Bolton University’s climbing center. Really great facilities, lots of different routes ranging from 4+ to 7b+ with a nutty route around 8a/b. You know what it’s like when you go somewhere new, all the paperwork to make sure your competent and safe etc etc. Anyway, there were only three people climbing, including myself. But… I got myself a climbing partner for the next 12 weeks!! Boom. Anyways, the important part of this isn’t the climbing. It’s actually how nice and generous the people I have met have been. They seem to care so much more about how you are and what you are up to. It’s such a comforting feeling. Oooo, acutally, I forgot to mention yesterday and this is another reason for my thanks to the northerners I have met – When I was searching for materials, I went over to Bolton Market and I was asking a gentleman where I might find some black yarn. He ended up walking me for 5 minutes to a stall, and got me some discount! What a boss (big up yourself) It’s a shame to think that this would never or rarely happen down south. Or not that I have experienced anyway.
It’s just so nice to see a community of people that care for each other and show outsiders respect and care too.
Anyways, after a hard session climbing, I am home, about to shower, writing this and eating some much-needed food. Here is the image you have all been waiting for, my construction! Hahaha, simple, effective? I’d like to this that this construction gives you guys a notion of architecture. The building blocks of architecture, I present to you… THE CUBE! Enjoy (Sorry for the quality – take on the trusty steed). Hope you’ve had a good day. Over and Out, Peace.

Oh yeah, and for those that know me – I cut my hair – had to be done.