NEO:Artists – Artist in Residence: Day 13

Day Thirteen – 27th March, 2017:

Good evening!

Today has been fairly productive,  I’ve added a few more layers to the screen print and I’m pretty happy with the outcome so far.   I also had a conversation with a friend and we spoke a lot about what ideally should be in ‘an artist blog’,  what kind of key concerns should be raised and expressed.   Now,  for me,  being completely new to ‘blogging’,  I believe what I am doing is presenting a kind of a diary based expression of my time during this artist residency with NEO:.   I realise that what I am presenting to the reader within this blog is very much all based on me and my time on the residency,  this could be seen or understood as having a narcissistic approach, me, me,me, I, I, I.   I also realise that I should be giving the reader more information about why I choose to look at architecture,  the urban and natural landscape and other elements in my work.   I wonder whether what I have been writing about is of interest or whether I am just giving the reader a day-to-day diary of me and my process of creation.   I am a process lead artist.   I am interested in a variety of subjects and due to being dyslexic I find it difficult to write about my understanding of the world around me,  my concerns and ambitions.  

I feel that the art world is becoming way too concerned about the idea of art rather than the creation of art.  I feel there needs to be an equal balance.   It’s as if the concept validates the work, and I suppose it does.  Are we in a ‘Conceptualism period’?   This isn’t an attack on the current Art World.  I understand that the concept of the work underlines and underpins what the artist wants to express,  but everyone’s view of that work will be different.   So,  how much does that concept really matter?   Is this what you and your work is to be judged upon?   If this is true,  why?   Why does art ‘have‘ to be categorised into something academic when it comes from intuition,  oneself,  the spirit and influences.    I am who I am, not what I create.   Anyway,  I suppose what I am trying to express here is that I’m a process lead artist rather than a conceptual one, or that I have conceptual ideas but the process influences the outcome.   Sorry,  not sorry.   I’m interested in what can be achieved through the process of making, backed up by my interests.   I’d like this to be open for discussion upon conceptualising conceptualism itself.  Perhaps this is just an apples and oranges dialogue, who knows.
However,  with this being said,  I feel like I should express some of my key concerns so that the art world is able to see me as an artist with intentions. What I intend to do is write about a single key interest each day until I have given you, the reader, an idea about what intrigues me and how I try to express these concerns within my work.

Architecture is the most prominent aspect within my work represented through form,  space and shape.
Architecture completely fascinates me.   I admire how each individual building can represents an era,  like they are fragments of time, standing tall,  casting shadows, creating new architectural shapes.   I am intrigued by the altering perspectives seen as I traverse the urban landscape.   Unused, disregarded or forgotten spaces also help to underpin my understanding of space,  form and depth.   This can be seen in a lot of my work where I create spaces that interact with each other through the uncertainty and placement on the paper.

Architecture’s relationship with space is another aspect that I find attractive,   I find there is always a constant dialogue between the two.   Architecture forms and creates space,  but is it not space that controls and confines architecture? Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe wrote this beautiful quote:

‘Architecture is the will of an epoch translated into space.   Until this simple truth is clearly recognised, the new architecture will be uncertain and tentative.   Until then it must remain a chaos of undirected forces.’[1]

Architecture to be understood as the ‘will of an epoch’  is extremely poetic and I suppose it is this quote alone that helps to truly concrete my chaotic obsession for architectural forms.   In essence,  when creating my work I am extremely tentative and at times can appear to be uncertain of where or what I am doing or trying to achieve but it is through the structure and process of creating that my work begins to take its form and am able to visually articulate my intentions.   There are a number of artists that have inspired me with regards to the thoughts and understandings of Architecture and even helped visually.   To name a couple,  Richard Galpin,  Julie Mehretu,  Bronwen Sleigh,  Toby Paterson and Keith Coventry.   They all have similar understandings yet vast differences within their practices.

Anyway… enough of that.   Today I managed to complete a number of layers on my silkscreen print and so far,  I am pretty happy with the results.   However, the prints are appearing to be very flat (no beautiful embossings when screen-printing) but I intend to create the architectural space by using perspective lines and shading with pencil. 

Here’s a close up image of what to expect, I am also experimenting with colour here! 


I have had further ideas about how I could develop these screen prints into another area of my interests and concerns.   Architecture and its effects on the natural environment.   But I’ll leave that for another day’s explanation. 
I went for a climbing session over at Bolton One’s climbing wall and had a great session.   Time for food and bed.   PEACE x