NEO:Artists – Artist in Residence: Days 10 & 11

Day Ten & Eleven – 24th + 25th March, 2017:

Good evening!   I apologise for not posting yesterday but didn’t really get enough content to make it a ‘worth while’ post.   Yesterday consisted of photographing a new edition of ‘Natural Architecture’ etchings, created on Thursday 23rd of March (Day Nine).   That was a faff! Seriously, props to all you photographers out there, I didn’t realise quite how hard it was to take photos of art.   Using actual lighting and a super sturdy tripod, it was still a challenge.   Regardless to say, I managed to get all of the images photographed and sent off!   Happy Days! 😀

Here’s what the set-up looked like:

After spending 7 hours playing the role of photographer, Jason and I went to the pub for a few, whilst waiting for Naomi to get here.   What an amazing life he has had! Seriously, I have never been in so much awe and impressed with ones stories.  He’s travelled most the world, hitchhiking!!   Quality stuff, honestly, I really want to do and achieve some of that too!!   Anyway,  Naomi (the misses) got here around 11pm and it’s lovely to have some company during home time!

so, 25th March – Naomi and I took the day off from her revision and my creative time.   We went to Manchester to have a look around and just get a feel for it.   What an amazing city!! It’s crazy.   The architecture there is BEAUTIFUL. I’m going back with my camera and I’m making a load of prints with reference to Manc’s architecture.   Seriously stunning.   We then proceeded to Manchester’s Climbing Wall which is probably one of the best climbing walls I have ever been to, inside an old church!!    MAD facilities, a 22-meter high overhanging wall and two amazing bouldering sections.   Here’s an interesting snap from the climbing center, looks like such a strange abstract landscape, I suppose it could be suggested that climbing gives reference to my inspiration for architectural shapes? (photograph courtesy of Naomi):

After a good climb, Naomi took me for my first Carvery, which was insane, never been so full in my life!   Sorry for telling you all about life outside my art world, I’m just documenting my whole time during the residency!! 😀    Hope you’ve enjoyed today and yesterday’s shenanigans!

Peace x