NEO:Artists – Artist in Residence: Day 9

Day Nine – 23rd March, 2017:

Wow, so what a manic day I have had.   So, picture this, yesterday I get home from climbing around 9:30pm, knackered, haven’t eaten, haven’t even got anything I can nibble on whilst I cook something.   I get my laptop and get ready to cook in the kitchen.   I open my laptop and check my e-mails.   I get an acceptance email from a magazine congratulating me on getting into the next edition.   Awesome yeah, super stoked.   BUT, they want 10 images from Friday 5pm.   There I am in my boko’s, stinking of sweat and ravenous.   On top of that, I am now super stressed.   Literally, thinking of every possibility on how I could get my prints or what I could do tomorrow (today) in order to get some prints together.   I’m looking at trains from Manchester to London, hell nah, deffo not at £80 return, you gotta be mad.   The GOV needs to stop drilling us guys. Jheese.   Regardless to say, this is why I have been in the studios since 9am and it’s now touching 11pm having created 20 new ‘Natural Architecture’ prints.   So… A pretty action-packed day.   My phone is even telling me I have walked over 6km… in the same room, back and forth.   JHEEEEESUS.

I’ve got loads of footage which I am going to edit together tonight so I’ll upload a video on how I have been creating the etchings that I’ve been making today.   I need to go home, cook a curry and chill out.   I’ll leave you with a nice close-up from one of the prints today and another OK/ish print.. The rest you’ll have to wait for.   Over and Out! Subscribe to the mail list if you haven’t done so already (on the Home Page), you’ll get updates on exhibitions and events that I’ll be involved in. It’s worth it really… PEACE x