NEO:Artists – Artist in Residence: Day 14

Day Fourteen – 28th March, 2017:

I’ve been super busy today, running around finishing off, pretty much, my first silkscreen print with reference to architecture and the urban landscape. As I mentioned in the previous post, I am very interested in how architecture and movement allow for shifting perspectives and if captured and overlapped, new architectural forms are created. It’s been really interesting working in this medium and it’s 100% something I will be coming back to in the near future (I have plans). Throughout the printing process, one feels as if they become the machine. It’s so interesting continuously repeating the same action as if you were to be a mechanical device, set to print mode. Personally, for me, screen printing can become a little monotonous. Obviously, I must find a way of creating some form of excitement – more towards the end of the print, that is. I suppose this could relate, in essence, to a 3D printer; lifeless, robotic, repeating. But, it is a marvellous creative process! Perhaps this is something I will look into with regards to conception.

Here is an image of the Screenprint; I am yet to add a drawn line that will intersect and interact with the architectural forms. The line, a representation of myself as I traverse through the urban landscape, filled with shifting architectural forms, creating space, bound by space.
‘A print of A Drawing in Space’, Screenprint, 51 x 69cm, 2017.

As I have expressed in my previous posts, I look to express a number interlinking key concerns within my conceptional and physical practice. I’d just like to add, these interests have the ability to shift and morph whilst physically trying to attain an understanding during the process of creation.   So, I feel it’s necessary to explain my interests briefly in a bullet point format so you and I know the order that they will be explained in (It also gives me some kind of order for the next few days)

Interests and Concerns:
–    Architecture (This covers aspects such as; form, shape, perspectives, positive and negative space, space, fragmentation, facades, buildings, structures)
–    Deconstruction/ Reconstruction + Construction (I would say that this is more of a process of creation that helps to underpin my conceptual understandings)
–    The Urban Landscape VS Natural Landscape (This is more of a concern that I try to embody within my ‘Natural Architecture’ & ‘Architectural Nature’ prints)
–    Erasure (Similar to Deconstruction etc, this is used conceptually and practically)
–    Psychogeography (This is an element of my work that helps to underpin the movement and fluidity of my physical work)

So, with that said, today I shall express my interest about; Deconstruction/Reconstruction + Construction:

The notion of deconstruction, reconstruction and construction arrived within my practice during my BA (Brighton, UK). I spent most of my time breaking down the surface of MDF in order to create intricate reduction woodblock prints. It was through the analysis of my practice at this time that I was able to identify and understand exactly what I was doing and why I was doing it. Throughout my artistic practice I focus mainly within the disciplines of etching and woodblock. These disciplines look to deconstruct the original flat plane in order to construct an image. Construction by deconstruction. Upon reflection, I realised that this act of creation was in response to my understanding of the what I saw around me within the urban environment. Where ever you walk (in the urban landscape), usually you will see or notice that there is some form of construction taking place. The growth of interior space, needing to feel free whilst being encaged. We as a race are constantly looking to better ourselves and create homes for our ever-growing population, we build massive buildings only to take them down a number of years later due to being outdated or unsafe.  It is here in this constant flux of the urban environment that you can physically see the deconstruction and reconstruction. This understanding has been contextualised into my practice as a method/ process of creation, I break down the surface of the materials (metal or wood) in order reconstruct/construct an image with architectural reference.
Richard Galpin (  has been a key inspiration both contextually and aesthetically within my practice, especially for this interest. His work challenges architectural space through the deconstruction of a photographic plane. I truly admire his work and his understanding of architecture and the use positive and negative space. His work is phenomenal.

Richard Galpin, Brace IV (Transmitter), peeled photograph, 89X80cm, 2011[1]

I hope that this has given you a brief, concise understanding about my interest in the notion of deconstruction, reconstruction and construction with reference to architecture. Stay tuned for tomorrow as I have some new ideas that will be coming to life! It’s super late now (00:48) and I’m getting up in 7 hours. So, PEACE x