NEO:Artists – Artist in Residence: Day 4

Day Four – 14th March, 2017:

Waz up! Today was pretty intense. Ended up getting to sleep late last night again was busy editing together my process video, PLUS someone in the room above mine was snoring. I kid you not, it was so bloody loud. Was tempted to go upstairs and wake the bugger up, but ended up drifting off in rage – guess that’s why I slept badly. Ne-ways, had some brekky and rolled down to the studios. Got down to the studios for around 11:30am – slept in a little longer to try gain some much needed energy. So, I get to the studio and get all my coloured perspex together and go into the sculpture room to use the sander. Now, someone, someone who clearly doesn’t use sanders often had gone and sanded┬átheir things using the bloody velcro… I mean come on. It obviously doesn’t look like sandpaper. I wonder whether it actually worked or not?! So this led to an hour long hunt for the correct circular sand paper, equalling in me riding my bike around in circles for about 3 miles. Wilkinsons didn’t have it, B&Q didn’t even have it (I thought they had everything?! Obviously not) But, finally, Machine Mart saved the day. So I get back, fit the sandpaper and get to work.

Little action shot from the session today:

So, after hours and hours of sanding (It takes ages to sand the edges that are longer than the circular area – you end up creating bends if the pressure is unequal) I finally finished sanding the 25 perspex shapes.┬áThere was one moment of ‘Holy hell! this is actually bloody dangerous!’ when I was sanding a small triangular shape with really sharp edges that caught in the sander and shot out to the other side of the room. If that had got me in the neck…. Jhhhessss.

So, after sanding I began painting my cube white. Still in the process of doing that, a couple more layers and I’ll be heading home. Anyways – Peace out!