NEO:Artists – Artist in Residence: Day 8


Day Eight – 22nd March, 2017:

So today has been pretty tiring, frustrating and overall, just tough.   Screen printing is actually pretty hard in a new place, takes a little while to get use to!   Denis observed me pretty much all day, teaching my different techniques to make my printing easier.   It was still tough! Getting even coats of paint is bloody tough, you get random splodges or sludgy marks in what should be flat colour.   Either way, I spent 8 hours mixing colours and printing 4 layers on 10 prints.   I suppose that’s 40 prints.. but the process is just looooooong! Haha. I’m learning though…

Here is what I have created today: (you can see how I built up the image).. Just to say … ‘They’re no where near finished yet’… hahaha









So after the long stint practically re-learning how to screen print again.   I went climbing, and this time it was a special session.   U.V Climbing.   haha.   It was interesting to say the least.   Here’s a snap from the camera.. was pretty….

Anyways, I’m knackered. Over and Out. x