The making of: ‘A Drawing in Space’


I am currently up in Bolton with the neo:arists organising and curating my solo show!

ARCHITECTONIC: Opens 18th November at 14:00. On until the 7th of January! Go check it out.

As I mentioned earlier on in my blog, I managed to attain two Perspex sponsors, Atlast Plastics & Fabrication Ltd and Perspex Distribution Ltd. I have also managed to get another cheeky sponsor for fishing wire all thanks to Dave’s Aquarium in Bolton!!
This has meant that pretty much the entire sculpture has been sponsored, which is banging!!! Thank you very much for all of this! It’s been amazing, and a good challenge to make!

Anyway, I’ve created a little timelapse of the construction of the sculpture, Check it out…


Thanks for watching!

Ro x