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NEO:Artists – Artist in Residence: Day 16

Day Sixteen – 30th March, 2017: Evening! Today has been pretty straight forward.   I have begun the etching process with 3 A3 zinc plates.   3 plates take an incredibly long time to process,  firstly having to use Brasso to polish them,  then using the french chalk and Cillit bang to degrease.   This is…

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NEO:Artists – Artist in Residence: Day 15

Day Fifteen – 29th March, 2017: Good evening! It’s been a fairly relaxed and slow day today, similar routine to the usual. Breakfast, which is now actually yoghurt with honey and maple & pecan granola (it’s delicious).  Had an early start, around 8:00AM and the weather was miserable, overcast and raining. Naomi and I arrived at the studios…

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NEO:Artists – Artist in Residence: Day 14

Day Fourteen – 28th March, 2017: Ola! I’ve been super busy today, running around finishing off, pretty much, my first silkscreen print with reference to architecture and the urban landscape. As I mentioned in the previous post, I am very interested in how architecture and movement allow for shifting perspectives and if captured and overlapped,…

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