An Architectural Organism


For ARCHITECTONIC, my first solo show, I wanted to create an installation that expressed my concerns about the battle between nature and humans – represented by architectural forms.  For this installation, I wanted to create many small architectural forms and have them invading different size plinths. The idea behind this was to turn something architectural into something organic. Another visual representation which is similar to my ‘architectural nature‘ and ‘natural architecture‘ prints. Creating a juxtaposition between architecture and nature.
Using stop-motion animation, I was able to create a sense of growth and movement with the small sculptures. The sculptures were made from screen prints, many architectural forms printed over the top of each other, then cut into geometric shapes and crafted into standing sculptures.

Anyway, here is the video:

I really enjoyed turning print into sculpture, I feel like this may be something I could develop on…

Hope you enjoyed,

Ro x