NEO:Artists – Artist in Residence: Day 1

Day One – 11th March, 2017:

I arrived in Bolton yesterday late afternoon, early evening. Hectic drive up from Oxfordshire, loads and loads of road works causing bloody average speed checks! Anyway, once I had arrived I walked down to the gallery and was warmly welcomed by both Jason and Julie, the directors of NEO:Studios. I explained to them that I was obviously a little apprehensive and nervous about ‘my first ever residency’ and explained that I wanted to make them proud – (hopefully I will!). Julie and Jason introduced me to Allison, another artist that works in the studios, working primarily in portraits (which are amazing and very technical). ‘J + J’ (Julie and Jason) treated Allison and I both to PREZZO, which was extremely kind of them and was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. It was a lovely moment to relax, eat good food, and kind of ease my mind from all the driving and thinking that I had been doing on my travels.
After dinner, Julie bid her farewells and Jason, Allison and myself went for a cheeky pint at the pub where I explained some of my ideas to them. Both Jason and Allison were super supportive and enthused with my plans. I felt comfortable and happy that they thought my ideas were good (No, it wasn’t because of the alcohol!) – I’d just like to add here at this point that I have never documented a Blog before and I don’t really know what I am supposed to do, plus my grammar is complete and utter shite. I’m a creative that barely passed English at GCSE! So please forgive me anyone that is reading this! Ha. Anyways, after we finished at the pub we said our goodbyes and Jason walked me back to where I was to sleep. I’d just like to say how supportive Jason, Julie and Allison were on my first evening in Bolton and how welcome they made me feel. Thank you so much, it means a lot to me.

So, Day One! I met up with Jason around 9:30am at Town Café for some breakfast, which was banging! Really enjoyed it, great food. During breakfast Jason lent me a range of different installation books, which I am yet to read. After the delicious brekky, we walked over to the studios and I was given the option to choose a space (see image below). It’s such a wonderful space, nice lighting and just a great size – couldn’t ask for anything more, Thank you!

The Space:

Jason has lent me a bike for my time here in Bolton, we pumped up the tires and bought a new lock (J couldn’t find the keys to the previous one – you know what artists are like, haha!) Once the bike was prepared, Jason and I went over to the Gallery and I began looking for places to buy some materials. I’ve decided (with help from my tutor on my MA course) that as this is a perfect time to experiment with other creative disciplines, instead of always creating 2D work, So, I’m going to make some installations/sculptures! I’ll post up some images of the creations once I’ve begun making. Just to make a note here, it’s pretty jokes cycling with 6, 180cm, ‘2x2Inch’ wooden poles – you get a lot of smiles from the cars driving past! Good I suppose ha. After I collected a few materials, I met back up with Jason and Aaron and we went to ye olde public house for yet another cheeky brew where we spoke about the valuing of artwork – which is actually bloody hard to do! I’m now sat in the kitchen, having forgot most of the kitchen utensils, therefore I’ve had to cook everything out of one saucepan. Mash, beans, eggs and coleslaw. Artist Life. Over and Out.

Here’s a little flick of me with tha keys..